Fraction to decimal chart

Before learning about fraction to decimal charts, please read the primer on fractions.

A fraction to decimal chart allows you to quickly find out the decimal equivalent of a particular fraction.

For example

Here's a simple chart which includes proper fractions from a half through to nine tenths and their decimal equivalents.

Notice some of the decimals have been rounded to 3 decimal places - these are marked with an asterisk (*).

You can easily adapt the chart to suit your own needs - for instance, add twentieths, fiftieths, hundredths etc.

Use a calculator to help add decimal equivalents to your chart

Grab your calculator and try the following.

Enter 1, press the divide sign (÷), enter 2, press the equals sign (=).

The calculator display should show


You've just converted the fraction 1/2 into the decimal 0.5! Check this against the chart.

Let's try another

Press the following buttons on your calculator in the order shown

The calculator display should now look like this


Rounding to 3 decimal places gives 0.167. You've converted the fraction 1/6 into the decimal 0.167. Again check this against the chart.

One more!

After pressing the above buttons on your calculator, the display should show


Rounding to 3 decimal places gives 0.429 - the fraction 3/7 is equal to the decimal 0.429.

What about improper fractions and mixed fractions?

No problem! Feel free to add decimal equivalents of improper and mixed fractions to your fraction to decimal conversion chart. After all, it's your chart!

For example, consider the improper fraction 3/2.

On your calculator, enter 3, then ÷, followed by 2, then =. The display should look like this


i.e.   the improper fraction 3/2 equals the decimal 1.5.

Now let's take a look at the mixed fraction (mixed number) 1 1/3

Note 1 1/3 = 1 + 1/3.

Enter in order 1, add sign (+), 1, ÷, 3, = on your calculator to give the decimal


Round to 3 decimal places - 1.333.

i.e.   the mixed fraction 1 1/3 is equal to the decimal 1.333.

Alternatively use the fraction button on your calculator

Look to see if your calculator has a fraction button - a b/c or similar.

If it does, you can use this button instead to find the decimal equivalents of fractions.

For instance, try the following - enter 1 on your calculator, press the a b/c button, enter 2. The display should show

1 _| 2

- this represents the fraction 1/2.

Pressing =, then a b/c, gives the decimal equivalent 0.5.

You may notice that when you enter a fraction which can be simplified, followed by =, your calculator displays the simplified form. For example, consider 2/4. Enter 2, press a b/c, enter 4, then press = . Your calculator displays the fraction 1/2 (i.e. the simplified form of 2/4). Again, pressing = followed by a b/c gives the decimal 0.5.

The fraction button can also be used for improper fractions and mixed fractions. Try entering 3, press a b/c, then enter 2 to give

3 _| 2

- the improper fraction 3/2.

Pressing = gives 1 _| 1 _| 2 which represents 1 1/2 - the mixed fraction equivalent of 3/2! Don't worry about this now - we'll consider another mixed fraction below. Just press a b/c to give 3/2's decimal equivalent 1.5.

Now try 1, followed by a b/c, then in order 1, a b/c, 3. Your calculator should display

1 _| 1 _| 3

- the mixed fraction 1 1/3. To get the decimal equivalent press = then a b/c - 1.333 to 3 decimal places.

How's your fraction to decimal chart looking?

Stick your fraction to decimal chart on your pin board where you can easily see it. Add fractions and their decimal equivalents whenever you like.

Now you have an at-a-glance reference for converting fractions to decimals!

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