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Before learning about how to convert percent to decimal, please read the primer on percentages and the primer on decimal numbers.

To convert from percentage to decimal, remove the percent sign (%) and shift the decimal point 2 places to the left.

For example 50%

Remove the percent sign (%)


Shift the decimal point 2 places to the left

50  =  50.0   ->   5.0   ->   0.5

50% equals 0.5

Next consider 25%

Again remove the percent sign (%)


and shift the decimal point 2 places to the left

25  =  25.0   ->   2.5   ->   0.25


25% is equal to 0.25

What about 33.3%?

Remove the percent sign (%)


Shift the decimal point 2 places to the left

33.3   ->   3.33   ->   0.333

33.3% equals 0.333

Percent to decimal chart

How about making a conversion chart? Let's get started and include the same steps as above.

Extend the chart to include your own percentage to decimal conversions - it's a great way to practice!

You can also use your calculator

For instance, on your calculator enter 50, followed by the divide sign (÷), then 100, and finally the equals sign (=). The display should show


- you've just worked out 50% as a decimal on your calculator!

Why not check the results of some of the other percent to decimal examples?

First, clear the display by pressing the button marked C. Enter 25, followed by the ÷ sign, then 100, and finally the = sign to give


25% = 0.25

Next, press the clear button and enter in order 33.3, ÷ sign, 100, = sign. Your calculator should display


33.3% = 0.333

Try converting 1%, 2.5%, 10%, 66.6%, 75% and 99.9% to their decimal equivalents using your calculator. Compare your answers to those in the right hand column of the chart above.

Got a percentage button on your calculator?

If so, it will look like this

Simply enter the percentage you wish to convert, then press the % button to give the decimal equivalent. On some calculators you may have to press a shift or second function button to access %.

Try converting 50%, 25% and 33.3% - you should end up with the same decimal answers as before!

Happy with converting percentage to decimal?

Hopefully you can see that converting percentage to decimal isn't difficult, regardless of whether or not you use your calculator!

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